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Brand: FleamNouva Model: 3321110006
This is a robust design model, suitable for seasonal use at home. The compressor allows continuous use and speed in operation. It features a power cord compartment in the rear of the unit with a conveniently integrated carrying handle for easy transport. The RF7 Dual Speed nebulizer, the Soft Touch ..
19.25 KD 27.50 KD
Mr Beetle
New -30 %
Brand: FleamNouva Model: 3321110000
Aerosol Children – Mr. Beetle (Magic Care)Complete system for aerosol therapy pediatricEffi cacy therapeutic throughout the respiratory tractAmpoule with patented non-spill and 2 speed, micronization TÜV testedSpill systemPackage ContentApplianceNebuliser kit RF6 BASIC2 complete with mouthpiece, adu..
9.80 KD 14.00 KD
Olly Humidifier
New -30 %
Brand: FleamNouva Model: 3321110001
Olly Vaporizer is a hot-steam room humidifier generating a sterile vapour (100°C) representing a valid solution for the whole family.It is easy to use and clean, silent and safe thanks to its innovative cooling system assuring a steam temperature of appx.50°C being released in the room, so preventin..
15.75 KD 22.50 KD
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